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  • Samara is hands down one of the smartest, most effective publicists and brand managers we’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is a tireless advocate for her clients and has earned the trust, respect and admiration of the media. There are few communications executives who can walk this line better than her.
    Jeremy Murphy, Vice President of Communications, CBS Television & Editor-in-Chief, CBS Watch! Magazine
  • Samara is the consummate PR professional. For two decades, spanning the renaissance of the venerable Palace Hotel to her decade-plus at the Fairmont, San Francisco’s hotel crown jewel — Samara has always been there for the Associated Press, anticipating our news needs and always finding the right angle for feature stories.
    Eric Risberg, Associated Press
  • Samara is without a doubt one of the best PR professionals in the country. In fact she is beyond PR. She understands how best to posture clients to the media, and understands media needs. She has helped me many times to get a “sound bite” on deadline that made the story work.
    Brian Banmiller, National Business Correspondent, CBS News Radio
  • Samara is simply the best. She is innovative, smart, creative, and truly knows how to ‘make it work’. In the news business, we’re always on deadline. It’s about ‘how soon do you need it’? Answer: ‘yesterday’. And she always comes through with just the perfect element that really makes a story meaningful. She has the intuition needed for success. Samara is sensational! Plus… how can you ever go wrong with that bubbly personality!
    Don Sanchez, Arts & Entertainment Editor, ”ABC 7 News”, KGO-TV
  • Samara is a powerhouse of talent. She weaves such compelling stories about chefs and restaurants that you cannot wait to experience their offerings. From smaller seasonal restaurant promotions to enormous renovation projects, her attention to detail and ability to generate interest are unparalleled. Samara respects our deadlines and only suggests those things she knows will fit within the framework of our program,
    Gene Burns, Host of “Dining Around with Gene Burns” and “The Gene Burns Program”, KGO-AM
  • Samara is a complete pleasure to work with. She’s smart, funny, knowledgeable, and always displays a clear understanding of Sunset’s audience and their needs.
    Peter Fish, Editor-at-Large, Sunset Magazine